<begin_rant>Let me start by admitting my own stupidity. I bought my first 1/5 model, the Losi MTXL, and did not immediately disassemble the truck to add loctite to every single set-screw. Combine that omission with the fact that Losi seems to have decided to save money by including the weakest parts in the most crucial areas and you get an experience like mine, which is that something breaks or fails on this truck every single time I try to run it. This would be an awesome truck if you spend an extra $500 right off the bat to buy all of the aftermarket upgrades, which are generally just stronger versions of the stock parts. I'm not sure if it is because they didn't sell enough of them or what, but to say that the availability of 'hop-ups' for this truck is disappointing would be an understatement. Oh, and did I mention that the wheels/tires are much too big? They look cool, but a slew of problems would be eliminated if they were just a bit smaller. Yet there are no smaller options available, nor any adapters or any easy way to accomplish this that I am aware of. It also badly needs a reverse gear.</end_rant>

OK, no on to my actual question/problem now that I'm done ranting.

My engine mounts repeatedly come loose when I run the truck, knocking the gear mesh out of whack and causing the truck to stop moving. The engine whines and the gears spin, but the tires don't receive any of the power. Nothing I've tried seems to work, and I've even taken it to my local HS, where they claimed to have fixed the problem. This is especially worrisome in that I definitely foresee adding a more potent engine to this thing because it is underpowered. Therefore I am looking to do whatever I can to make sure the components can handle more vibration & bumps.

(a) Anyone else experience this or any similar problems with their MTXL?
(b) Anyone know of any aftermarket parts, perhaps something designed for the DBXL or other model that might be able to help secure the engine on this vehicle?