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Thread: Baja 5B display stand 1/2 price $

  1. #1 Default Baja 5B display stand 1/2 price $ 
    I just started making these. I do not own a baja 5b so I am needing some pictures of a baja 5b on this stand. So I am willing to refund you 50% of the sale price if you would send me a pic of your baja 5b on the stand so I can use the picture in my sales ads. Make of High quality Cast acrylic. The logo is etched into it. thanks Also willing to make other stand if you have suggestions. thanks I take paypal only.
    retail price is $45.00 free shipping. 50% refund to first one order and send me back the pic or two.Name:  DSC01540.jpg
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Size:  64.6 KBName:  DSC01541.jpg
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