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Thread: Lauterbacher x link

  1. #1 Default Lauterbacher x link 
    Hi all, I've recently brought a Lauterbacher x link I brought this as a roller!
    I've got a 26cc zen for it, car has the quick release engine mount system fitted,
    I've gone to fit the the engine and the holes in the chassis don't seem to line up with the ones on the engine fan casing...
    Am I missing something?
    Thank you

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  2. #2 Default Re: Lauterbacher x link 
    Photos would help

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  3. #3 Default Re: Lauterbacher x link 
    I'm not to sure how to add photos sorry!
    Is there an additional peace that bolts to the side of the fan casing?
    The guy that had it before me had drilled the chassis and made a right mess of it, I plan to order a new chassis from Germany!

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  4. #4 Default Re: Lauterbacher x link 
    Lauterbacher x link

    It has the quick release engine mount on clutch side of the engine, you can see where the previous owner had drilled the chassis, looks awful!

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