Gentlemen, as promised the first DVD’s for Large Scale to help you set up the car, change stuff and generally help you are now available. I have raided the files and CD’s of the Rev-Up Magazine I used to print, plus some new stuff especially the basic set-up routines as shown by our current World Champion Ian Oddie. All this stuff has had to fit onto two DVD’s and includes the following:-

Basic set-up routine
Bleeding Hydros
Removal of a four shoe clutch
Changing a Zenoah piston ring
Body spraying
Shock Absorbers
Futaba set-up and secrets revealed
Large Scalers in the 80’s
SX3 set-up

Now these discs are free so how do you get them?

Well firstly they will be issued as a two disc set in their own case. The content is free and you are also allowed to copy the whole disc and pass it on but I do require a small payment for the media, box, packing and postage and 2 will cover it all (€5 to our European friends).

You can do this two ways:-
UK guys send me a cheque payable to C.A. Wright to the address below; OR send a 2 coin taped onto some thin cardboard (cereal package) then folded over again to disguise the contents. Please be aware that the Post Office now charge for size as well as weight and if I get a note through the door from the Post Office that to collect a letter I will have to pay the extra charge I am sorry to say I WILL NOT. If sending a coin then the onus is on you to make sure the correct postage is on the letter.
Lastly and most importantly, please include your return address in a form that is legible please. Obvious I know but someone will forget to do so.

EC guys. The easiest way here is to send me a €5 note.

USA send a $5 note

Australian guys send an AUS$10 note

Address to send to is

C.A. Wright
3 Mill Race Drive,
Southwaite Green Mill,
Eamont Bridge,
CA10 2EU
United Kingdom.

Anyone outside the UK/EC that wants these discs and the price is not explained just above please email me first at

Finally. During this year I will endeavour to get more videos of individual car set-ups, servo usage, adjusting cable brakes and so on from the top drivers in Europe so watch out for further videos in this series.

Lastly, if you want to see a quick cut down version with excerpts of all of these videos then they are at