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Thread: Redcat Rampage Pro video from Redcat!!

  1. #1 Default Redcat Rampage Pro video from Redcat!! 
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    Mar 2007
    Strathmore, Alberta
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    Here's a new vid from the guys at Redcat Racing for the Rampage MT Pro!!

    FG Leopard
    FG Monster Beetle 4x4
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  2. #2 Default Re: Redcat Rampage Pro video from Redcat!! 
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    Jun 2011
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    Looked like some fun to film. Wish I had an MT. Should not have sold all of mine I guess.

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  3. #3 Default Re: Redcat Rampage Pro video from Redcat!! 
    I have to say that video looked far different from what my experience was when I first took my Redcat MT out for it's initial run.. Nice vid though mradlin!

    Ferox-Modellsport FX-4WD
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