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Thread: Report on the XRC on road car

  1. #1 Cool Report on the XRC on road car 
    Nomadio Guest
    Well here is a report on the XRC on road car.

    The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY!
    I like to start with the UGLY and then get better Hold on this car is a real value but go into it with your eyes wide open.

    1) Body is good for a painting lesson but if you drive with it expect it to crack on the first bump it hits. Just is a thin body, but heck a new one is cheap.

    2) The car needs a good set up session I tried to run with the factory set up... LOL spin city..

    3) Stock gear set you will be beat like a unwanted red headed step child even when running with cars with "Restrictor" plates.

    4) DO not as in DO not order with a radio or do not use the radio it comes with! NO FCC if it comes in from another country even Canada to you and they catch that you are importing a non FCC type accepted radio you can face a $10,000 fine from the FCC and it has really bad range. So why bother?

    1) Most RTR cars do not have enough lock tight not the XRC they use RED lock tight... Combined with soft screws well you get the picture this thing is not coming apart. Which in some cases is a good thing.

    2) Radio mount is a little strange so I put the radio box along the side it worked great there and lowered the battery weight to the ground.

    1) It is hard to tell from the Technokit Jr except for the Motor which no one can mistake for a Zenoah G230rc.

    2) Parts are well made

    3) Motor started right up better spark plugs are cheap from www.sparkplugs.com

    4) I put an old worn out set of GRP A on the rear HOOKED up!

    5) Brakes really work well

    6) Took a really hard hit that would have busted any car up only broke a body mount. This car is a real value in the $599.00 range.
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  2. #2 Default xrc value for money 
    i have one of these cars here in New Zealand there are a few thing im going to change
    radio gear (steering servo seems fine)
    steering lock it needs the fromt mount on the servo changint to mount of the top tray to alow moving the steering arms oit of servo arm to get fill lock on steering

    brake ajustment i have seen guys using 3 chanel and using a two servos for brakes one for throtle and rear brake and one for the front brakes

    wheel alignment out of the box as sead above spin city

    the engine seems good once ya get the tune right and a good plug helps alot

    the rear diff it way too slopy i have shimed it up greased it and sealed it to stop the greas leaking out

    allso found one of my front discs was lumpy cousing all sorts of things to hapen under brakes

    but all and all a good package for what ya pay for them


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  3. #3 Default  
    Nomadio Guest
    I did the 3 servo install the servos cost more then the car LOL...

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    Feb 2007
    Campbell River, BC
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    We have had a chance to view this car, for the money you can't beat it. $600.00 is a great deal and those able to purchase them less than that it is a smoking deal.

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    Feb 2007
    I'd have to say you cant go wrong with buying one of these cars, for the price they just cant be beat

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  6. #6 Default Xrc 
    goldyracer Guest

    I did the 3 servos only added one and made same as my rs5 use the 3rd for my brakes. I ran the car at brendale where worlds will be and did go to to bad at all did for some fun.

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