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Thread: What's in your pit box?

  1. #1 Question What's in your pit box? 
    What type of different things are in a 5th scale pitbox, compared to a regular 1/10 or 1/8 scale pitbox?

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    Feb 2007
    Campbell River, BC
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    Larger allen keys and SPARK PLUGS!!! which we have for the odd occassion, not the necessary moment.. LOL!!

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    Feb 2007
    Allot less then I used to have running nitro's

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    Feb 2007
    Nuuk, Greenland
    I bring an assortment of tools and parts.

    Somehow, whenever I don't bring a spare I tend to Crash and crush exactly the parts I haven't brought along.... (Well, I never said I was a good driver... :p )

    Mostly what I bring along of parts is:
    spur gears ( I still run plastic)
    A spare carson MT wheel
    plastic balljoints
    some lock rings for the dampers and a-arm axes
    assorted screws and nuts
    spare spark plugs
    spare receiver battery
    spare batteries for the Controller

    Assorted tools

    a piece of rope to tow/drag the car in case unrepairable crashing, instead of having to carry it.

    I can't compare to a Nitro toolbox, as I have never owned a Nitro
    Last edited by Rex; 02-28-2007 at 12:41 PM.

    Happy Racing
    Jesper Rex, Nuuk, Greenland
    FG Leopard Race, 29cc race ported DDM SiKK conversion, Elcon'ized and Sensor'ized
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    Feb 2007
    Goodwood, Ontario
    Pretty much the same stuff just larger.
    glow plugs = spark plugs
    small hex keys = hex keys up to 5mm
    pretty much the same spare parts just on a larger scale.
    When you need a 24mm socket to take the wheels off a baja you need a little bigger box. It reminds me of the commercial of the taco bell dog" I think I need a bigger box"
    I use a flambeau fishing box that has drawers that pull out. I can interchange the drawers depending on what I am running that day. One drawer for FG, one for Baja, one for nitro , one for electric.

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    In my pit box are spare arms,spare spur gears/pinions..Extra servos, tons of srews,clips, extra little parts, extra batteris for the radio,spark plugs.tools also screw drivers,pliers wheel wrench,allen wrenches etc...

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    May 2007
    i share my pit box with 3 1/8 buggies and 2 truggies so I have a 4 drawer box.. this thing is big and weighs around 30 pounds loaded. for the Baja, I can literally just carry extra batteries for the tx, tire wrench, plug wrench and thats about it.. I have just about every spare for all my cars in the box, but I only take it to races.. when I run the baja, i just put the few items in my pocket and carry the radio, baja and gas can..LOL.. the nitros are like taking a hobby store with you everytime you run...

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