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Thread: 2012 FG Leopard Comp Edition 4x4

  1. #1 Default 2012 FG Leopard Comp Edition 4x4 
    2012 Comp Leopard has a lot of modifications done by the FG Factory team as this was driven by their team driver. Some of the modifications are listed below.. Prior to my owning the car it was driven in Germany and hasn't seen any use state side minus firing it up to make sure everything works. Car is priced to move, new setup like this is easily 4500k$.

    - Chassis plate is milled completely on the belt for easier running

    - Small screws in the chassis rear for better stability of the diff cases

    - Milled front shock tower bracket for the belt

    - Front Diff locker

    - Deposits in the front diff for protection against dirt

    - front and rear seats for better elimination of belt driven

    - Vent damper in the caps

    - New oil seals in the dampers

    - Other ball bearings for better protection against dirt

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    1700$ for everything including recently rebuilt motor by original FG Team Driver.

    100$ shipped Int'l.
    50$ US\Canada

    Ferox-Modellsport FX-4WD

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    Oh my !! It's like to many choices ...
    Being as I have a Comp FG Baja, I would go with that one if I had the cash right now ... Man ...
    Why did I just buy this big boat ... even though I really like it !

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    May 2013
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    Do you except PayPal
    what is the best price including tracked postage to Brisbane Australia
    my email address is
    [email protected]

    Have fun,because life is way to short

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    Deals pending on the FG - I'll keep the thread updated until she's sold..

    Ferox-Modellsport FX-4WD

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    Shipping prices updated on first thread.

    Ferox-Modellsport FX-4WD

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    SOLD!!!!! Thanks guys!!!

    Ferox-Modellsport FX-4WD

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