Hello all,

Seems to me that I'm not getting sufficient life out of the bearings on my layshaft. Good alignment, fasteners secure and correct, etc. I have a bearing greaser that I pack the bearings with before installation.

After doing some measuring and checking, I decided that if I had the inner bearing carrier machined a bit, I could put in two #6800 bearings (19x10x5mm) instead of the single factory bearing #63800 or HARM #1502063 (19x10x7mm). I had the bore of the inner bearing carrier machined 3mm deeper to accomodate the extra bearing.

Due to the factory machining on the outer bearing carrier, I was unable to machine that bearing bore any deeper or it would most likely break off. I am using one of the #63800 bearings here.

The fourth and final bearing is a single #6800 that fits inside the frame between the inner and outer bearing carriers. No machining necessary on this one. I had to use the outer bearing carrier as a "press" to push the bearing in but it fits perfectly.

So far so good. I Only have 1 main, a couple qualifiers, and some practice time on this update but the layshaft still feels rock solid. I'll report back as time goes on as to how well it is holding up but I suspect this will take care of the problem.

HARM SX-3 Four Bearing Layshaft

Take care,