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Thread: Australian Off Road Large Scale Championships 2012

  1. #1 Default Australian Off Road Large Scale Championships 2012 
    Join Date
    Dec 2010
    Brisbane Australia
    Great racing event!

    Thank you to all sponsors King RC, Aussie Hobbies, OZRC and DanielsPitstop.

    Special thanks to;

    All intestate and local competitors – without you this event would not be possible.

    Troy - the person behind the scene and microphone.

    Les – photos

    Steve (Dirty Dog Media) – Video

    QORLS Committee and Members

    Shawn -Direct Hire

    Rok RC - for suppling fuel bottles

    Dean Roworth - for his passion for the hobby and help with the event

    Brad Davis AARCMACC – Race director - Brad’s comments; (QORLS is the worst club he has ever directed at) his comment have been taken as a constructive criticism and it will be used to better our club in the future.

    Congratulations to Our Australia champions;

    Matthew Van Gilst QLD - 2wd EFRA - Elcon MMX
    Darren Olson QLD - 4wd AARCMCC -MCD V-4
    Tony Nettleton QLD -4wd outlaw DPS Toxic
    Julian Fulton-Boot NSW -2wd outlaw HPI Baja 5b

    This event was the first large scale off road Championships in Australia.
    It will be used as experience for next events to come.

    Please feel free to comment on your experience. Your feed beck will only improve our future events and make out hobby more enjoyable.

    Video will be available very soon. If you would like a video of the Championships please contact ([email protected]) for more info.

    Photos are available now – please contact QORLS photographer – Les [email protected]

    Thank you
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    "Wedgy" FG Leopard 4wd, FG Racing Team Powered by Allanach Racing Engine
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    for the first ever nationals i thought the club and aarmacc did a great job
    i thought every one chipped in and made it a great event that was enjoyable to race at
    i think the only thing that was let slide was there was pretty much zero tech
    i was un aware of a tech director
    people were able to fill there own fuel quantity completely unsupervised
    there was no engine checking
    no car weighing
    basically no tech
    this was the one area i though things slipped
    i look forward to next years nationals and hope its not in the stinking summer heat

    FG Modellsport Australia Team Driver - Leopard 4-G4Z engines
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    Dec 2010
    Brisbane Australia
    As a competitor – I reckon that AARCMACC race director did a great job. QORLS organizers have learned a lot from this experience.

    As member of the QORLS committee – we had no idea what to expect. We paid a lot of money for an AARCMACC race director. I personally expected much more, as he has had a lot of experience in this kind of events -we received a check list with guide lines as to this event on the 18/11/2012. Five days before the event. We booked him in May 2012. QORLS is a non profit club and run by volunteers. Some of us took time off work to organize this event.

    We wrote a numbers of emails to AARCMACC - with no response. In my personal point of view, Check list 5 days before the event is not good enough. We paid for a professional and received an amateur with zero people handling skills.

    Over all I thing the event was a success.
    Last edited by Kris; 11-26-2012 at 01:44 PM.

    "Wedgy" FG Leopard 4wd, FG Racing Team Powered by Allanach Racing Engine
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    Nov 2012
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    Hey guys, I had a great time back in racing after a while off. It was great to be back in Brisbane with the boys at QORLS, I have raced there about 5 times now and it has always been great.

    The event itself, being the first of its kind at a national level was run well, of course there were a few things that could be done better next time but its a learning curve for a growing club.

    Thanks to all the sponsors, and Wayne from Aussie Hobbies for helping me out with a part free of charge, and Dean Roworth of NSW who also helped me out with a part after a breakage during a heat (event though we were in the same heats).

    Queensland's LS offroad racing scene is getting better by the week, and I look forward to getting back up there for another event soon

    Cheers guys,

    Australian Champion 2012 - Outlaw 2WD
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    Join Date
    Dec 2010
    Brisbane Australia
    My apologies for forgetting to thank Rok RC for suppling fuel bottles.

    Rocko - you rock!

    Thank you!

    "Wedgy" FG Leopard 4wd, FG Racing Team Powered by Allanach Racing Engine
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