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Thread: Tires

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    Join Date
    Feb 2007
    Goodwood, Ontario
    Need a new set of tires for my fg. Thinking of a few options. Let me know what you guys think.
    1. Horman jumbos on rear and stock fg tires on front
    2. Stadium tires on rear and stock pin tires on front
    3. SLD killers all around
    4. tractor tread tires all around

    I'm leaning towards option one right now, but the hormans are not cheap.


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    Feb 2007
    Nuuk, Greenland
    If you plan any Snow driving, then option 1 is the way to go

    Or Hörmann Jumbos all around.
    I am in th eprogress of studding some of the cheaper Carson/Smartech MT Tires, but they are a bit on the soft side.
    I am using ATV Ice Screws

    Happy Racing
    Jesper Rex, Nuuk, Greenland
    FG Leopard Race, 29cc race ported DDM SiKK conversion, Elcon'ized and Sensor'ized
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    The SLD Killers are good value for money,They seem to work well in most conditions including in the wet.


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    I second option one, FG originals up front and the Hoermann Jumbos in the rear is the most used option here. If your car is a show Truck Basher you can use the Hoermann Jumbos on all fours with Stadium Rims.

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