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Thread: Protective film

  1. #1 Default Protective film 
    How hard is it to peel off? Reason I ask is I had a body painted up and cut it out the other day and could not peel any corner or anything up to get the film off. I am sure the guy that did the paint left it on. Is it hard to get it started? Thanks

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    I use a small hobby knife to start one corner. Once started very easy to peel

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    I will try that thanks.

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    I would also try a hobby knife or a razor blade.......ok here is another question for ya...on the HPI clear bodies there is also a decal on the clear film is that still there?or you could shot the guy that painted it an email and find out if he removed it also before you try sratching up you body with razor blades and exactos also

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    i had a simular problem with my XRC body, the clear film was incredibly hard to remove and i didn't notice it for about the first week LOL

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    I use an air hose to start off. Sounds funny but if you point it at a corner of the body straight on it will lift the film for you so you can peel it back.

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