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Thread: Howdy,

  1. #1 Default Howdy, 
    Just wanted to drop in and say howdy. Im a new Baja owner and so far I have enjoyed every moment with the Baja as well as my boys. I am having to buy 2 more so we all do not have to fight over it. Ever see a grown man fight with a 10 year old on who is next? LOL Its fun for all of us even the Mrs gets into is also. The only problem Im having if you call it one is IM EAGER to upgrade it but everytinme I say ok now is the time I go to one of the sites like Daves and get lost as to what I should buy as my upgrade first. I want the motor but then I tell myself should I get the suspension right first to handle the bashing I do or what?????? Either way it will get upgraded somehow. Im still finishing a Humidor Cabinet Im building as one of my other hobbies I have to do with my boys so that is taking money. I will be doing alot of ready and learning. Thanks for all the imformative posts you all post up. Oyeah, Im just outside the Houston area.

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    Strathmore, Alberta
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    Hi Kenny! Welcome to the forum!!

    FG Leopard
    FG Monster Beetle 4x4
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    Welcome Kenny.. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    As a MFG of the upgrades I will try to be as neutral as possible.

    To save the rear A arms - Axle Extenders
    Vertigo Performance (Me) and DarkSoul

    Upgrade engine.
    Cheap upgrade that is awesome
    29CC big bore kit $89.00 a DDM or Hostile Hobby
    Amazing difference at such a low cost

    New pipe (not necessary but man what a difference)
    HPI pipe from DDM or Hostile

    Also if you havent already pull the stinger off of your exhaust and that will make a crazy difference and you can gut your Exhaust (Pull the baffle out)

    Outerwears Prefilter for the air filter, fantastic upgrade and will save you cleaning your filter as often as you would without it.

    I am not sure what else is a necessity.
    Maybe a Clutchbell Carrier by Vertigo or Ramtech
    Both can be bought at DDM or Hostile Hobby

    If you have the money a Rhino Digi4 Steering Servo.. Probably the most popular upgrade servo for the Baja.

    Anything anyone else can think about that is needed or an upgrade that will make a difference?

    Vertigo Performance

    http://5thscaleracing.com/vb/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=11&dateline=117807681  9
    Vertigo Easy Access Clutch Unit, The absolute quickest way to access the HPI Baja clutch.
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    Jun 2007
    trois rivieres, quebec
    pretty much what mlocker has said, except for the motor, IMO, i rather a less bore and more rpms, i run a zen 26 and im satisfied with it, i ,love to hear the high rpms, but thats always a matter of choice, i have wide open place to play and can enjoy the high revs, whereas if your limited on play ground space a motor with more torque will be the engine of choice.....
    so, as you can see from my answer, your back to square 1 on what to choose

    welcome aboard and feel free to ask questions whenever you need asnwers.

    they say 1 out of 4 people in the world are chineese, I have a brother Paul , Mark and Miihow..... I think its Paul :p
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    runwreckrepair Guest
    Welcome Kenny and the family......................

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    Feb 2007
    for power I would look into an aftermarket pipe, the hpi pipe makes a big power jump on the stock motor. And is a cheap and very well protected pipe!

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    Welcome aboard!!

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    MadSenileBrian Guest
    welcome aboard kick back and stay awhile

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