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Thread: Billet Ally Clutch Carrier/Bell Combo.

  1. #1 Default Billet Ally Clutch Carrier/Bell Combo. 
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    Hey guys,
    Got my Vertigo Performance Billet clutch bell carrier and fitted it up with my Turtle Racing Billet ally clutch bell. I cant believe how light the Turtle ally bell is. It was a super snug fit but these went together nicely. This will be a great set up in sand I recon as the tolerances are really tight so you would hard get any sand in the clutch especially if running an Elcon. I'm going back to bush running though so will pop the steel bell back on. Need to get some paddles for the sand..

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    Thanks for the nice photos Wolfman.

    Vertigo Performance

    http://5thscaleracing.com/vb/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=11&dateline=117807681  9
    Vertigo Easy Access Clutch Unit, The absolute quickest way to access the HPI Baja clutch.
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