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Thread: Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

  1. #1 Thumbs up Great Lower End Bearings and Crank 
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    I am freshing up my oldest G260.
    Here is what you can do too get the toughest bottom end with a zenoah. Also how to use "Better" crank bearings and install a 3rd

    Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

    Above we start with good quality 6001-TH9 boca's.
    Bearing on right has the factory SMALL radius inner race, Left bearing the modified one.

    Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

    Start with cleaning bearing of any oil & tapeing over it with masking tape. Then with xacto knife cut tape from center.

    Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

    Here the "CONE" stone on a 1/4 shank die grinder, top bearing the original, bottom the reground radius bearing.

    Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

    Here is what will be the #3 bearing that has a factory seal on one side. ** it has had a small bead of CA glue put around outside so seal will not spin or blow out.
    You can order a FACORY sealed Zenoah bearing if you wish.

    Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

    Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

    Have installed the PTO side snap ring with gap at top.
    Next drilled an @ .080" hole dead center in top of groove, with next shot showing it entering transfer cutout.

    Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

    Here the PTO side with the sealed bearing installed in place of a rubber seal. *** Really stiffens up crank from having any wobble !!

    Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

    Look closely into drilled hole, you will see the outside races of both bearings, with oil hole feeding both (Outside being primary reason)

    Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

    A hole has been drilled as a water drain right in the center at support boss. And then a Bronze Zero drag seal pressed into factory rubber seal.

    Great Lower End Bearings and Crank

    Crank been turbo cut & Cases ramped. Cylinders gasket surface was scuffed accoss a surface place with 220 to get both halfs matched & flat

    :smokin :smokin Thats it, a bullet proof bottom end thats far better than the factory set up
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    Has anyone tried this Mod yet?


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