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Thread: Dying Rims

  1. #1 Default Dying Rims 
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    Feb 2007
    Campbell River, BC
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    I received some white rims and bead ocks from HPI the other day and have been looking into dying them.

    I found this chart and this mixture chart to come up with the right colour you want

    Dying Rims
    Mixture chart

    Vertigo Performance

    http://5thscaleracing.com/vb/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=11&dateline=117807681  9
    Vertigo Easy Access Clutch Unit, The absolute quickest way to access the HPI Baja clutch.
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    That sure leaves alot of choices in rim colours!!
    Thanks for the info!!

    FG Leopard
    FG Monster Beetle 4x4
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