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Thread: New Guy wanting Dirt Oval Racing!!

  1. #1 Default New Guy wanting Dirt Oval Racing!! 
    I raced 1/4 scale sprint cars about 18 years ago. We now run full size modifieds and am getting the itch to run some R/C again. I was looking around on the web and cannot find a 1/4 scale dirt late model. I ran across this HPI 5th scale and like the looks of this thing. Does anyone make dirt late model bodies for this buggy?? Would anyone try if not?? We also have a bike dirt track here, so we could run it in the buggy config also. I would really like to lower one of these and put a dirt car body on it. That would be very cool. Please respond with any info!!

    Here is a pic of a dirt late model. Would not think it would be too hard to make a body if that is what you do.

    New Guy wanting Dirt Oval Racing!!
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    Cant get the photo to come up. You can do a search and find photos.

    Thanks, Bryan

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