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Thread: Elcon FG Rims for Baja 5B

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    Feb 2007
    Nuuk, Greenland
    Elcon has just announced the availability of the new Baja rims, that is compatible with FG style Tires.

    Retail price € 24.95 a set (Aprox US$ 35)

    Here is the description from Elcon:

    Dear Customer

    Attached some pictures of our last product.
    Rim for the HPI Baja 5B

    The rim fits on the front and rear of the car.
    It fits directly to the hex part.
    All standard tyres can be mounted and glued onto this rim.
    FG, Harm, PMT, SLD, DLD, Hormann, etc etc.

    In the pictures are shown BLACK rims, these will be available as well as
    WHITE rims. Not in the picture is the alloy reinforcement ring. We are
    working on this.
    The rims will be available coming XXXXXX provided all
    goes well in serial production (currently running).

    Advised retail: 24,95 euro/set

    Partno will be: 80400
    I have XX'ed out the availability day, not to pass too many promises on, but it is SOON, ask you dealer.
    Attached Images   

    Happy Racing
    Jesper Rex, Nuuk, Greenland
    FG Leopard Race, 29cc race ported DDM SiKK conversion, Elcon'ized and Sensor'ized
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    That's going to be great!!!! But I would like to see a more traditional 5 spoke wheel for the Baja. That wheel has tooooooooo many spokes.... and might look out of place on the Baja 5B...
    To be able to use all the tire options is fantastic.
    Just my opinion for an American USA looking wheel.
    Call me old fashion, but the look of the old school 5 spokes can't be beat.

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    May 2007
    Does anyone know if these rims can be fitted with extension rings?


    Elcon rims look the same so I hope these will fit. That would allow to use stadium truck tires and ie. Hörmann Jumbos.

    IMO baja needs something wider for rear than these are. To front these will be awesome. Gives many tire options.

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way
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