Offical SILVER LAKE Bash R-S-V-P


I would like to make a list of who all is going and where youare staying so people can get an idea of who to look for at their campground or what not.
I'll update this thread with all the info and stuff too as the other thread kinda got full with other stuff.

People Going so Far (that have confirmed with me, I know there is more):

-CrazyBRONCOguy, + 1 Friend -- Silver Lake State Park -- Sythesized, Maybe spectrum by then
-DirtTrackDemon, + 1 Friend ---- Staying just a day, Sunday Spectrums
-DJlspeed1 ------- Staying just a day, FAAST
-Miccody + Son ------- Silver Lake State Park (behind me )-- Nomadio React
-ATBill + someothers-------- Staying the day
He said he has 12 guys coming with him, some staying the whole weekend others just a day. Mix of Fm and Spectrum
-Monkey1+son------Hotel---- Both on Spectrum
-Wookie + 1 --- Camp Ground ------ Stock Channel 1
-Timmahh ---- React
VAfan13--- Camping---- Stock channel 4 maybe specky or react by then
EarthSurfer----- Didn't say
Modifier-Coming sunday---- Nomadio
Rick- Coming Friday---- Futabe Fast-- staying with miccody
SILVERLAKE June 22-24th Please PM me if your going so I can get a List together, Also where you will Stay

I have recieved some questions regarding the noise which If you've been there you know that they check that now. I feel that this won't be an issue as long as we are respectful of where we run them, oviouslly running them down at the beach 3 feet away from people is a bad idea.
I also plan on driving out there but there is a spot not too far from the back lot that is accesible by walking, there is some of stairs though. As long as i have room you are welcome to ride along with me.


Could everyone please let me know if they are synthesised, specturm, nomadio, or stock and what channels. I think there is going to be enough of us there that it may become a problem.
I can make a frequency board no problem but it would be good to know ahead of time.
I can get cyrstals if you need them.

As of right now there are 23 baja's that are suppose to be in attendance.
I would like to get a shot of everybody's car around an HPI banner which I should have by then. If not two or so.

I have had a couple of good points I didn't put much thought into come up recentlly. Those Being:

What time is everybody going to be out there?
- I plan on being out there earlyish around 8-9 as long as I can get vouchers for then.
- If others are there I will be out there by the exit near where they drag race or by the beach most likelly.
And for how long?
- All day pretty much for me
Also after the day in the dunes are we going to meet up somewheres?
- I wasn't planning on it but might do something.

I plan on getting my cell phone # to everyone on the list on the first page if they need me to come get them. If you didn't get it in a PM please pm me and ask for it. I can get back to the lot and pick them up. Keep in mind if you want a ride out there You have to have a helment to ride in the back of my truck. I only have one. State park rules. I can seat 3 more other then me.

Also My Bronco is pretty easy to spot its brown and has a 16x30 FOX sticker on the back window, also it has 35"s and bumper light bar on it.

Also you do need vouchers if you are planning on driving out there if you have notbeen there before but I think most of those people that are driving out have been there before. Also you need a flag.
SILVERLAKE June 22-24th Please PM me if your going so I can get a List together, Also where you will Stay
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Sorry for the long post, but this is all the info I can gather.

Since you cannot PM crazyBRONCOguy/ Brandon, here is his e-mail:

He asked that I give out his e-addy so anyone who wants to go can contact him.

I hope we can get a few guys from here to add to the group.

See you at the bash!!!