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Thread: Hey guys

  1. #1 Default Hey guys 
    Hey guys just found this forum, whats up!

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    Mar 2007
    Strathmore, Alberta
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    What RC's do you have?

    FG Leopard
    FG Monster Beetle 4x4
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    Dec 2009
    Surrey, BC, Canada
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    Is that you Jeff?

    We race toy cars, while they are big, they are still toy cars. Being competitive is fine, but when you feel you are about to lose it, stop and remember the first 4 words of this signature....
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    I have a baja 5b and a redcat lightning epx. Thats all the rcs I have at the moment. Sold my Venom Creeper, Ofna Hyper 7, and my Tmaxx to get into 5th scale.

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    Hi m8.

    to the forum.


    Come join 5th scale owners club!!!
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