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Thread: Rock Concepts Rear A-arms

  1. #1 Default Rock Concepts Rear A-arms 
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    Feb 2007
    Upon first opening up the arms, you can see the quality. They seem a little on the heavy side, I think they could of shaved off some more material. Being 7075 aluminium and having no bushings to wear out, I think that these arms will last a very long time. The thing that stands out the most to me is that you can now adjust where your shocks are mounted. (I like to be able to tune the suspension) They also have the hole for the sway bars when they come out.

    Installing is straight forward. I found it a lot easier to mount the shocks onto the arm, with no plastic to warp.

    Performance on these arms are great. The added weight is of no concern to me, the buggy tends to fly more level now. Iíve now got about a gallon into these arms. So far I have only bent 1 rear shock. I truly believe that these arms prevent shock shaft damage.

    I would put a set of these arms on your future shopping list for the baja, they cost around the same as most other arms. The engineering that went into these arms is next to best!

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    Feb 2007
    More to come with weight of the arms compared to stock arms. And of course pictures!

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