Recently Akela and I received a goody package from HPI for review.
Along with some T shirts there were some new block tires and 2 Tuned Pipes!!!!!!.
I quickly installed the pipe (After putting the shirt on) Great fit BTW !!!!
5 minutes and the pipe was installed without any issue. Now tucked neatly beneath the rear wing is “the Pipe” out of harms way and very sweat looking.
We loved the coupling between the header and pipe, it clips on one end, folds around the pipe and header then is retained using a body clip. I have never seen this before, very imaginative.

We wanted to see if the pipe sounded like it looks (Intimidating) A couple pulls of the cord, the engine fired right up and prrrrrrrrrrrrrd like no other. I had been running the X can for several months, I liked the Roar of the Can but for me the bottom end was more than I needed. The Pipe was just the right ticket. Although sound can fog ones perspective of performance comparisons there is no doubt “The Pipe” allowed the engine to rev out more and reduce bottom end.

Without changing the tune of the engine we headed out for some fun in the sand. Once we were blasting around the pit (Bring your ear plugs) I set the engine back to stock settings and she ran like a dream. The Pipe has a fairly smooth power band from the bottom to the top of acceleration. After fending off a sand storm for 3 hours to be certain our day was not awash we packed up and headed home with grins on our faces and lots to talk about.

"The Pipe" By HPI

This pipe is the last pipe I will be running in my Baja, at $139.00 (Street price $100 - $120) there is no other pipe more cost effective.
Install 10/10
Look 10/10
Function 10/10
Cost 9/10
Fits within the roll bar and well protected while producing great power.
Does not touch or melt roll cage
None that we can think of.