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Thread: Northern Series

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    Feb 2007
    The Series will consist of 6 rounds with 4 to count. If you look at the two back to back meetings of the Northern Series at Wombwell and the next day (Bank Holiday Monday) at Halifax the points system will work as follows. If you attend and race in the finals of both those meetings you can choose your best score as the one to count. This will then be doubled up and the other score can be dropped or used to count in the final totals. This is to add spice to the series as well as making sure the Clubs get our support. (It also allows you to get two rounds under your belt over a Bank Holiday Weekend). The last round will also be a double pointer as per usual so everything to play for and with only four rounds to race in this should be available to everyone especially as we have planned the calendar so that there are no clashes with other series.

    Round Date Venue
    1 March 25th Halifax
    2 (see text) May 6th Wombwell
    3 (see text) May 7th Halifax
    4 June 17th Stirling
    5 August 5th Stirling
    6 (Finals double points) September 23rd Wombwell

    Lots of changes here for 2007. Firstly please remember these only apply to the Northern Series. We will run two Touring Car classes. First is a totally OPEN Class which will allow anyone and any tune of car to race as long as it complies with the 2007 BRCA rules and can include BRCA Super National Drivers.
    The second class is a CONTROLLED class which will be for the FG Sportsline , HARM SR1 (Kit or Complete) or TKT SuperSport, TKT JUNIOR and SUPERSPORT or even the new cheap chinease copies now available all on PMT Kronos Tyres only.

    This new controlled class is to help new drivers into the 1-5 scene whilst keeping costs right down.
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    Feb 2007

    Just to pep things up a bit more the prizes for the end of the season will be these so called Red Letter Days. In case you have not heard of them they are things like a day Hot Air Ballooning, White Water Rafting, Ferrari day out, Track day racing, Rallying day, Day microlight flying, Flying lessons and so on. For second we will issue a voucher towards one of the above or other adventures and so on down to third place winner. The full list is being compiled but the 1-2-3 places will have a good choice as to which one they wish to go for. The above will apply to the OPEN and CONTROLLED class as prizes. Wow you might say and well you might as the value of these prizes will exceed 1000. Now we cannot ask a sponsor to pay for all of that so a small contribution will have to be made from the entry fee which will have to go up a small amount after remaining at 15 for six years! Full rules and eligibility of cars to the CONTROLLED class will be published very soon once we clarify things with the Importers as to what car they can provide. For these prizes to be won entrants must race in a final in at least three of the six races and there must have been five entrants in at least three of these races for the prizes to kick in.

    GT, Trucks and F1 will be allowed to race but to qualify as a Race Series in these classes the rule of FOUR will apply. During the Season there must be at least FOUR cars of that class racing at FOUR race meetings in order that an end of season trophy is awarded.


    Points will be awarded as in previous years, 100 for the win 95 for second 93 for third 92 for fourth etc.


    Race fees will be increased a little in order that the new major prizes can be funded, also due to clubs putting up the charges to the extent that the previous entry fee which was held for 6 years is not viable. These are now 18 per entry.

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