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Thread: WA large scale owners

  1. #1 Default WA large scale owners 
    We hold bash meets all the time around perth WA and if you cheak our local perth site out you will see the details on when we are meeting up. Feel free to join in with the fun. http://nitrobashers.com/php/forum/index.php

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    Joined up the other day, I will be moving down to Perth in the next 6 months, for now I bash up North, where I can bash everywhere.. Keen to get in there and get some pointers as I am not the worlds best driver of RC cars..

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    Jun 2007
    Western Australia...
    Makes me sad I sold my BAJA. Might see you guys in the dunes when I'm out on my bike.

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    will do,i'm always keen on a bash

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    Is there anywhere we can actually race 1/5 scale in perth or next to perth especially onroad??

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