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Thread: 40 series?

  1. #1 Question 40 series? 
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    May 2007
    St-Q, N.B.
    As anyone tried 40 series rims and tires on their baja?
    wonder if there any good?

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    thearmyman83 Guest
    i use the proline mashers on the rc4wd 40 rims and they are ok at low speeds, and in dirt no rocks or you will tear a sidewall in no time, i did so i am now trying the big joes on the rear, i had them on my revo and they seem to be quite a buit beefier than the masher

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    Mar 2007
    Strathmore, Alberta
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    How do you like those 40 series rims from RC4WD?

    FG Leopard
    FG Monster Beetle 4x4
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