Things to check when first opening your new toy:
- Check shock caps top and bottom (check oil and cap tightness)
- Before starting engine check throttle linkage and adjust accordingly
- Check that the spark plug is tight
- Check that all screws (especially metal on metal) are all tight
- Check screw on the pinion gear, some have been known to break. If you can replace with a better quality screw it is suggested to do so.
- If you have time and want to tear down your buggy right away you it wouldn't hurt to top up the differential. Stock, the buggy comes with a skim of oil that although is sufficient doesn't allow the viscous action necessary to have the diff function as well as it might.
- Check the failsafe operation to make sure the brakes are applied when power is lost to buggy. (Some have had runaways by not checking this operation) (Courtesy of Jeremy1976)

If anyone has anything to add please feel free to PM myself or Akela, we will add your name to your tip.. Thanks