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Thread: Mods

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    Mar 2007
    Strathmore, Alberta
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    What are some of the mods you've done to your baja...And why?

    FG Leopard
    FG Monster Beetle 4x4
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    Feb 2007
    Campbell River, BC
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    All Vertigo Performance carbon including brakes and aluminium extenders, (front (prototype) and Rear) Brake Caliper, Rear aluminium hubs to tighten up the axle bearings (Prototype)because it is good stuff, just ask me
    29cc upgrade, stock midrange was lacking for the jumps and out of corners.
    Rock Concept arms because I could
    Outerwears, I did a review for a magazine and got them all free (Good thing too because they are just good enough that I would have ended up buying them anyways.)
    X can Stock muffler is lacking and tuned pipes are big, hideous and in the way.
    New style beadlocks because why not!
    Multiplex Rhino Digi 4 Servo, I broke the stock servo then decapitated a Hitec servo (A couple of pretty serious crashes)
    Hi stall clutch spring just because and the stock one had broken from use. (I almost like the stock stall more, easier control)
    Hitec Throttle servo since I had one here anyways, nothing wrong with stock but is turned out I had a 5625MG laying around.
    Zen Clutch thinking is was better, it really isn't

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    Apr 2007
    Eglin AFB FL
    HPI HD Dodbones - Cuz I broke the stock one. Im braking the HD ones to.
    RAM-Tech 20% Springs - Wanted to stop bottoming out.
    TR's Phatdaddy rear brace - Wanted a little higher ride hight.
    RAM-Tech front brace - Wanted a little higher ride hight. Plus a good grab point.
    Outerwears - It keeps sh!t out.
    RED clutch spring - Wanted to try it.
    DS axle extenteders - To stop rubbing.
    Made an aluminum full length skid plate. - Protect the bottom plus keep the side
    pods from getting ripped out.
    DDM battery - longer run time.
    Metal gear conversion for steering servo - striped the plastic one
    Umm thats it for now.
    Last edited by Accord_boy619; 04-30-2007 at 02:23 AM. Reason: add somtin

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    Well here it is:
    1. Outerwears pull start filter-to keep grass and flying stuff out of there.
    2. Outerwears air filter pre filter-to keep the air filter clean.
    3. Chrome billet air filter cap-a little bling never hurts
    4. Dark Soul Axle extenders-to overcome the "rubbing" issue and to widen track
    5. CBE Light Kit-for night running.
    6. New custom painted body-for show
    7. DDM Battery-longer run time
    8. X-Can-for loudness and less chance of breaking.
    9. ATX Skid plate-bottom protection
    10. ATX Windshield-looks cool
    11. Outerwears shock covers-Cleanliness is next to Godliness
    12. Ramtech billet shocktower-strength
    13. Ramtech shock springs front and back-more dampening
    14.Phatdaddy rear brace-looks col

    I am sure that I overlooked stuff but the biggest upgrade upcoming will be a TS reed case with a ESP engine. Soon I hope.

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    Feb 2007
    Goodwood, Ontario
    Here is the list:
    1. Outerwears pull start filter-to keep sand out of starter paw.
    2. Outerwears air filter pre filter-to keep the air filter clean.
    3. New custom painted body - not on yet but have
    4. Higher Cap. Battery-longer run time
    5. X-Can-for loudness and bling.
    6. Ramtech shock springs front and back-more dampening soon to come
    7. Ramtech rear arms - soon to come
    8. All Vertigo Performance carbon including brakes Alum. Brake Caliper,
    9. 29cc upgrade chromed - snuffed stock motor
    10. carb upgrade - needed new one for FG so bought new 813 and put on baja
    11. upgraded brake servo - better braking response
    12. Nomadio Sensor radio - The best (want the react)
    13. Some Brice arnold upgrades.
    14. metal starter paw-old one broke
    15. High response spring - wanted to try it
    16. Anything else Vertigo is going to come out with.

    I think that is it off the top of my head.
    Last edited by Budmancan; 05-03-2007 at 02:25 AM.

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