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The Baja 5R On-Road!

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Introducing the new Baja 5R On-Road!
The Baja 5R On-Road takes the HPI Baja concept to all-new places: to the streets! With a lowered suspension designed purely for on-road action, the Baja 5R is the perfect way to enjoy large-scale fun while burning up the pavement!
The first thing you'll notice about the Baja 5R is the huge 1970 Ford Boss Mustang body, which is set off by a set of vintage 8-spoke wheels and Tarmac Buster tires! This iconic muscle car is the perfect fit for the the rear-wheel drive Baja 5R, and the setup of the Baja 5R will let you pull off impressive, controllable powerslides for awesome realistic driving!
The Baja 5R suspension and drivetrain is based on the extremely tough Baja 5B, so right from the start you know the on-road version will be super-tough in any situation, plus it will be very easy to find spares and upgrades for the Baja 5R. The heart of the car is the Fuelie 23cc engine, which will give the Baja 5R wheelspinning power and enough top speed to make your pulse race!
The Baja 5R On-Road: Baja-tough tarmac performance!

  • Replica 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 bodyshell
  • New on-road 5mm thick aluminum monococque chassis
  • On-road suspension geometry with low ride height
  • Extremely durable suspension derived from Baja 5B buggy
  • On-road foam front bumper
  • Vintage 8-spoke beadlock wheels with Tarmac Buster tires
  • 23cc engine with super-durable Baja 5B drivetrain
  • SFL-11MG steering servo
  • Enclosed radio box with battery charging jack
  • New TF-45 2.4 GHz radio system

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