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my new elcon mmx

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Quote Originally Posted by Onno View Post
You are not mistaken Brad.
It is the same person behind the scenes but 2 different areas he is active in.
He can fix you up with a personal decall or what ever is desired.
Nice quality as well, nice wraps.
A finished website should come some day.
Binnenkort online g4zgrafix.com
But a direct contact you can find there as well.

Here some examples:

Name:  IMG_9227.jpg
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Size:  34.9 KB Name:  IMG_8974.jpg
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Size:  42.5 KB Name:  IMG_8938.jpg
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Size:  45.7 KB Name:  IMG_8736.jpg
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Size:  40.4 KB Name:  IMG_7763.jpg
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Size:  42.5 KB Name:  IMG_7532.jpg
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The advance using this partly wrap is that it saves weight, but at the same time prolongues the life time of your body a bit.
It is very simple to use just a plain colour.
Stick the wraps on the outside and you are done.
Easy as 1-2-3.
And it does not look to bad either
the picture is hot. onno , do you have the latest video of the race ?

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