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  • RC On-Road Race and Roast!! July 11th, 2015

    It's official! Come join us for some on-road fun and tasty grilled meats!

    Hey all! If anyone is interested, I've reserved the outdoor, on-road track at
    Leisure Hours on Saturday, July 11th, 2015. Anyone with a 1/5 scale on-road
    vehicle or off-road vehicle with slicks/tarmac tires is welcome to attend. The
    fee will be around $12 per person--can't beat that! We'll start at 8am and we'll
    have the track to ourselves until 3pm. If you've never been there, it's a VERY
    nice facility. The timing system will be available, so bring your transponders.
    Otherwise, just come out, take some laps and have some laughs. This will largely
    be a casual, meet-n-greet type of event. We'll likely be spending an equal
    amount of time grilling out and enjoying cold beverages as we will in the
    driver's stand.

    So, those in the area who have that HARM, FG, or Tarmac
    wheels/slicks for their Baja/Losi (wondering why you bought them) sitting on the
    shelf, time to dust 'em off and get them ready for some circuit racing action!
    This is a great way to show your interest in some friendly on-road competition
    and meet some nice hobby folks like yourselves. If there is enough interest, we
    can discuss doing some club racing a couple times a month during the
    season. Mark your calendars, get the wife's permission and come join us for
    what should be a really nice day of playing with our big boys toys!

    So far we're looking at 20-30 people/cars, some coming from over 3.5 hours away!
    Spread the word and feel free to contact me (PegLeg) with any questions!
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