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  • JetPro "Double Barrel" For the Losi DBXL!!

    From master pipe bender Dino at Jetpro comes the brand-new Jetpro unsilenced pipe for the Losi DBXL. Introducing the new JetPro "Double Barrel"! The pipe is removable from where the forked pipe meets the mounting flange and has reinforced mounting brackets. No-leak technology (no springs) the pipes are coupled on to the mounting flange for fast, easy installation.
    This pipe produces dramatic, unmatched increases in low, mid and top end.

    Comments 3 Comments
    1. nitrocat's Avatar
      nitrocat -
      Can't take anymore power they break bad enough as it is
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      The guys at JetPro sent me a couple vids of the DBXL with the Double Barrel pipe. This DBXL has never been run before, and is all stock except for the pipe.

    1. looker2756's Avatar
      looker2756 -
      Looks impressive ! Dino's JetPro pipes are always Super Nice !!
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