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  • MIP 1/5 Scale 54mm Racing Clutch, 8-shoe, #14355

    LONGER-LASTING, PUNCHIER, LIGHTER, and REBUILDABLE! These four descriptive words embody what MIPís new 1/5th scale clutch is all about. As any well aware and conscientious 1/5 scalier knows, the stock clutch is non-rebuildable, its heavy, loses its edge in the first 15 minutes and fades quickly after, and most of all it takes a long time for the motor to spool up and the clutch to engage properly. With all these downfalls and swapping out $30 clutches every couple heats, it was much past due for a little MIP Magic. With months of direct input from MIPís Engineering and Race Team we have come up with a true racing clutch that is superior to that of the stock clutch. MIPís 1/5th Scale 54mm Racing Clutch hits harder faster, its shoe longevity is vastly improved, and when shoes and springs do wear out, thereís no need to ditch the entire assembly as it is completely rebuildable! Itís not a question as to whether you need this clutch, but rather are you going to have it before your competition does? We welcome you to an all-new 1/5th scale reality; MIPís reality!

    1/5th Scale Customers

    COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: When compared to OEM clutch
    Quicker acceleration
    50% less rotating mass
    Shoe Longevity is vastly improved
    Clutch fade is little to non-existent
    Clutch hits harder faster

    7075 aluminum construct
    8-Shoe design
    4, 6, or 8 shoe adjustability
    Completely rebuildable
    100% Made in the USA

    MIP Confetti Sticker (2), MIP Instructions Sheet (1), SHCS M6 x 16mm Cap Screw (1), BHCS M3 x 6mm Button Head Screw (4), Spring 0-Deg Clutch (8), SHSS M12 X 12mm Set Screw (1), MIP Aluminum Flywheel (1), MIP Clutch retainer Plate (1), MIP Clutch Shoe (8), MIP Blue Thread Gel (1)

    2.0mm Allen Key Ė #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm
    4.0mm Allen Key
    5.0mm Allen Key
    6.0mm Allen Key
    Hook Tool/L-Key (3/32 or smaller)

    Flywheel Puller (Suggest: HPI #Z965)
    Piston Stop (Suggest: HPI #Z966)

    Engines that except 54mm clutches*, 1/5 Losi 5ive-T 4WD Off-Road Truck (#LOSB0019), Losi 1/5 Desert Buggy (LOS05001), Losi 1/5 MINI WRC 4wd Rally Car RTR (LOS05007), 1/5 Redcat Rampage Series, Zenoah 1/5 scale engines*, Bartolone Racing 1/5 scale engines*, OBR Engines*.

    *IMPORTANT: Some engines (usually 32cc and up) vary on backspacing on crankshaft length so if you have had to modify the original clutch backplate to be accepted on an aftermarket engine than the MIP clutch may not be compatible. The dimensions used for the backspacing of the MIP Racing Clutch were based off of the stock Losi 1/5 scale clutch and backplate.

    #14356 MIP 1/5 Scale, 54mm Racing Clutch Shoes (8) MSRP: $65.00 UPC: 691545143569
    #14357 MIP 1/5 Scale, 54mm Racing Clutch Flywheel (1) MSRP: $75.00 UPC: 691545143576
    #14358 MIP 1/5 Scale, 54mm Racing Clutch Retainer Plate (1) MSRP: $15.00 UPC: 691545143583
    #14359 MIP 1/5 Scale, 54mm Racing Clutch Springs (8) MSRP: $15.00 UPC: 691545143590
    #99088 HW-SHCS, M6 x 16mm Cap Screw (4) MSRP: $3.00 UPC: 691545990880
    #99089 HW-SHSS, M12 x 12mm Set Screw (4) MSRP: $4.00 UPC: 691545990897
    #99090 HW-BHCS, M3 x 6mm Button Head Screw (8) MSRP: $3.50 UPC: 691545990903

    Safety Data athttp://miponline.com/store/msds.html
    Comments 24 Comments
    1. nitrocat's Avatar
      nitrocat -
      Looks good but I'll bet the shoes won't hold up till there made out of aluminum
      Why because of the way people over gear these cars
      Then throw in the big motor crowd it does not have a chance
      But the racers may love it thank god I'm a racer
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      I agree, it might not be for everyone, but the adjustments to the clutch that can be made will make it a racers dream for sure.
    1. noyb98098's Avatar
      noyb98098 -
      Looks like obeast44 will be having something new to install... I'll definitely be giving this a shot. Nice find mrad-
    1. looker2756's Avatar
      looker2756 -
      Looks like a good design to me, one proven in the nitro world for years.
      MIP has always brought quality products to the market.
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      Here's a vid of the MIP clutch in action. They are also testing some new shocks and brakes from MIP.

    1. nitrocat's Avatar
      nitrocat -
      Won't load or play [emoji85][emoji23]
    1. looker2756's Avatar
      looker2756 -
      I just watched the video.
      Looked like it was working well, and the driver was definitely very good at timing the jumps !
    1. nitrocat's Avatar
      nitrocat -
      Won't load on tap talk
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      Try it now nitrocat. I used a different link
    1. nitrocat's Avatar
      nitrocat -
      [emoji23][emoji24]no no no say it ant so
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      I'm not sure why it won't load on tapatalk. I'll see if I can figure it out.
    1. nitrocat's Avatar
      nitrocat -
      It starts to load but it sits there lost
    1. nitrocat's Avatar
      nitrocat -
      That was worth the trouble to see I'd love to travel out to their track looks killer
    1. LightForce's Avatar
      LightForce -
      Well done. Looks like 1/8 scale buggy style eating those jumps. Is it just the suspension setup or they put that 5ive on diet?.
    1. nitrocat's Avatar
      nitrocat -
      I think they just worked on the face of the jumps
      But there bypass shock worked good on 1/8 scale cars indoors
    1. SELWA's Avatar
      SELWA -
      Very Nice vid. Our Track (RC Acres) is about 3-4 times bigger than that. The MIP clutch looks pretty good for our Buggy conversions as well. They are in the 31lb area. Just wish Horizon would get them soon so I can bring one in.... I use a Elcon clutch and one thing I really like about the MIP is how easy it is to remove it! Eager to see the new brake and shock set ups they have too!
    1. nitrocat's Avatar
      nitrocat -
      MIP is shipping the clutch out this week to Horzin first and Amain hobbies stormer hobbies and DDM
      Just got the shock of my life the new shock is 32 mm in diameter the Losi ones are 27mm it uses the shock shaft and shock end is about it and I got a price on them to [emoji389][emoji389][emoji389][emoji389] just think of each bundle as 100 dollars
    1. jmill102980's Avatar
      jmill102980 -
      Wow 4 bills huh hmmmm

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    1. PegLeg's Avatar
      PegLeg -
      I just ordered one of these in hopes it could teach me to drive like Matt Olsen. LOL!
    1. jmill102980's Avatar
      jmill102980 -
      Haha very nice!

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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