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    Hey guys, I know itís been a while since I posted something on the site but Mike and I wanted to let you know about some changes that have taken place.. Firstly, we want to thank all of you for your continued contributions to the forum, and we would like for you all to continue supporting it with all the great information and ideas that we've all come to expect for our great community. Having said that, Mike and I have decided to step back from the day-to-day operations of this forum and have handed the reins over to Brad Burns, so please join us in welcoming him as the new forum owner. Brad has been a member for some time and has extensive knowledge of the large-scale industry; we couldn't have asked for a better person to hand our labor of love over to. He will continue operating the forum in the manner that you've all become accustom to while providing a host of new features for you guys to explore.

    Mike will still be around as a contributor and I will continue on as a vendor\owner for Ferox. While there hasn't been much news on Ferox lately I decided to take a step back to re-evaluate the market and see what the options truly were for a high end large scale machine and since Ferox isn't may day job it took much longer to get the bugs out of the car than I had expected, but the good news is that the final product will be one that has been thoroughly tested and updated to correct all of the pre-existing issues. Parts continue to be available for currents owners of the gen 1 model.

    With all of that said, Mike and myself have enjoyed running this forum while making some great friends throughout the years as well as sharing great laughs and stories with you all. I've met some friends that will last a lifetime from this forum and I hope that you guys can continue those typesí friendships and traditions for the foreseeable future!

    Thanks again!!!!
    Len and Mike
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    1. 5thScaleCanada's Avatar
      5thScaleCanada -
      Hi all,

      First off, I would like to thank Mike and Len for building a great community for all of us to communicate within. I am flattered that Mike approached me to take the helm and I look forward to keeping this forum alive for many years to come. Over the past 5 years of participating on the forum I have made some great friends and I look forward to building new relationships. I have a 25 year relationship with R/C as I have raced at various levels and worked within the industry for a hand full of manufacturers and hobby shops; this hobby has even afforded me the opportunity to own my own large scale specific shop called 5th Scale Canada. This was an experience that I am forever humbled and grateful to have received.

      As the landscape of the hobby evolves, so shall the forum. I am working closely with Mike over the next few months to ensure that the forum is handled in a manner which is conducive of it's mission; a broad focused platform which encompasses 1/5 scale R/C of every Genre. No matter what type of R/C you have, land, sea or air, you are welcome here and I will make sure that there is a section for you! The Facebook page is booming with members and growing every day. I will do my best to steer those followers over to the forum as well so that they can take advantage of this platform.

      There is a lot of great knowledge burried in these threads!

      Through the transition process we did move the forum over to my webserver so that I am able to work with my Administrator to bring you some cool new features. Some details are still being ironed out as we go so if you do notice anything out of the ordinary, please don't hesitate to hit me up. Also, If you have any ideas of how to make our community better please speak up; I am all ears! This move to the new server will speed things up quite a bit; the new server is stacked with memory and SSD's to improve performance. This move will also reduce operating cost to ensure that the forum is alive and well going forward as well as free up funds for some great give away contests.

      Shortly I will be sending an email out to introduce myself to the manufacturers and shops that advertise on the forum. I will want to investigate how I can create more value for everyone involved. I look forward to meeting you all as the days go on and working with you to grow your businesses too.

      At any point, if anybody needs to reach me, the fastest method is via email: [email protected]
      I have the email pushed to my Android so I don't miss a thing.
      I welcome feedback from all and all are welcome to get involved.

      Thank you again for everything and here's to a great future!

    1. Obeast44's Avatar
      Obeast44 -
      Congratulations Brad! As a member thats not been as active as well, I can totally under the need to step back.
      Len, I consider you my brother from another mother. I am glad to be working with you on the Ferox FX and making it as good as we can. I also look forward to bringing my butt back to the DC area so you can meet my kids and we can hang out for a few days!
      Mike. Although, Ive never met ya, spoken to ya a few times and have always enjoyed your input and the use of your forums. I think very highly of you and wish you the best. You have always handled yourself as a gentlemen and been very eager to help anyone when you can. I applaud you for that.
      Brad, honestly, this may not be the most active of forums but you won't find a nicer group of guys. treat them well, and they will do the same.
      As for myself, I have some medical issues that I am dealing with. I cannot handle moving these big cars around like I used to and subsequently have stepped back from running them as often. I am still working with Len on the Ferox and we are always working to improve. To my brothers in the hobby I wish you guys the best. I do still pop in and read just to keep up to date as best I can. Keep rocking and having fun!

    1. djbuzzard's Avatar
      djbuzzard -
      I like this...good move to ensure this board fall into obscurity. I have spent tons of time on other boards in the past and I must say you dudes are the best bunch to share experiences and information. With that being said, I challenge all of us to step it up a notch with marketing this forum to all you know. As we continue to grow, the more we learn.
      peace and hairgrease!

    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      Thanks for the kind words guys!! Len and I both believe that the forum is in good hands with Brad and I still will be around helping with things too. I have really met some great people in this hobby.
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