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  • Hurrax Toxyc back in 2014 with revisions

    The second life of HURRAX Toxyc !

    Dear Customers, Retailers, Fans and Friends!
    In 2011 we launched an innovative large scale 4WD buggy. To keep prices at an acceptable level for customers, we decided not to go through a distributor but sell directly to retailers around the world. However, this led to higher shipping costs and more complex logistics on our part as well as on our retailers.
    At the end of 2011 our distributor for Europe, Ansmann AG, started to focus on their own products and we were forced to sell ALL Hurrax-parts directly to our retailers. It showed pretty quickly that this was more than we could handle, slowing down development at first and day-to-day operations shortly after.
    In 2013 we hit rock bottom when we ran out of some spare parts and didn’t manage to have them manufactured in time, which also meant that we couldn’t build any more Toxycs. Somewhere in between our website was hacked too and only patched up provisionary which led many people to believe that Hurrax is shutting down.
    We have been working on a solution for months now, and today we’re happy to announce: The Toxyc is coming to Europe! And we’re not talking about a new distributor, we’re talking about manufacturing it there. This will make it much easier for everyone in Europe to buy the car and get support - especially by phone which is a real hassle when you’re in different time zones.
    So how and when is this going to happen? It is already happening. Currently, all remaining Toxyc-Parts are packed and shipped to the Toxyc’s new home, Hurrax Experts in Vienna (Austria). At the same time we’re starting to get the missing parts produced in Europe, redesign the websites of Hurrax and Hurrax Experts and work out the logistics. Our goal is to deliver the first EU Toxyc this year, but we’re focused on quality (not quantity or deadlines) and will push this back to “early 2014” if there are any (it usually takes some time to get everything right). However, we will keep you up to date, at least on Facebook (facebook.com/HurraxExperts).
    If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, want to become a retailer or pre-order a Toxyc (recommended; the first batch will be rather small) please contact us at [email protected]
    We hope that we’ll earn back your trust in 2014!
    Best Regards,

    Sebastian Rupprecht
    Hurrax Modellsport

    Rainer Perl
    Hurrax Experts

    Comments 4 Comments
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      That's great news Moo. Did Hurrax do any revisions to the Toxyc?
    1. mooman007uk's Avatar
      mooman007uk -
      as far as i understand some revisions will be made but don't know the specifics as yet
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      That's good to hear Moo. Keep us up to date with Hurrax please.

      Sent from my iPhone using Forum Runner
    1. COCACOLAKEV's Avatar
      Also very glad to read this!..Had my heart set on a Toxyc but thought Hurrax had closed last year as not seen any activity!

      Great news!!!
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