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  • K1 Race ignition

    After a long and comprehensive test period by several top drivers from the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany on various circuits in Europe, during training and official races, it is now possible to equip both the 23 and the 26 cc Zenoah engine (two or four bolt) with this special (EFRA / IFMAR approved) race ignition.

    This complete ignition kit replaces the original flywheel and coil, by a special flywheel and corresponding coil, and a lightweight CNC machined cooling fan.

    The smaller flywheel and special ignition coil supplies the engine over the entire rpm range with significantly more torque. The engine revs much faster , because of the reduced rotating mass, but also the maximum rpm which is reached on the track will be higher than with any other ignition.

    The set consists of:
    Rotor + Special ignition coil
    CNC machined cooling fan
    Mounting plate for ignition coil
    Screws for mounting
    User manual in English language

    The ignition kit itself can be mounted following the user manual.

    Available @ www.HRC-Parts.com
    Comments 13 Comments
    1. rager33's Avatar
      rager33 -
      I got to see this in action last weekend in la. markus feldmen had it in his car & it was ballistic out of the cornners & down the back straight.
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      Thanks rager33!! I knew someone had to see one of these somewhere. Do you think they make a difference?
    1. rager33's Avatar
      rager33 -
      I talked to markus(current world champ)& he said testing showed 20% more torque & 10% more rpm.
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      That sounds very promising for sure!!
      Thanks for the update rager33!

      Sent from my iPhone using Forum Runner
    1. mooman007uk's Avatar
      mooman007uk -
      $270 for a PUM flywheel ($40 RC Boat Flywheel Magneto Fits Zenoah G260PUM 290PUM for Petrol Marine Gas Engine | eBay) and special coil ($30 Ignition Coil Plug Wire for CY RC Zenoah Baja 5B 5T SC Losi 5IVE T | eBay), and a very very expensive plastic fan ...lol

      it's amazing the ways rc manufacturers come up with to gouge it's customers.

      example, i recently bought an atv quad, the complete body and fender package cost less than a complete losi body...
    1. rager33's Avatar
      rager33 -
      well I got this & installed on my abbate engine(big mistake) first it is not a pum flywheel it is smaller & the fan is metal not plastic. ran it in our last race. the abbate was already fast this thing made it stupid fast. powerband comes on hard just off idle. could not get traction on our track. even if I leaned into to it slowly it still hit to hard. my lap times sucked. probably should have installed this in a stock engine oh well live & learn.
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      There are times that too much power isn't a good thing.
      What's your opinion of the quality of the K1 Race ignition?
    1. rager33's Avatar
      rager33 -
      the quality is good. I do not like that you have to grind off the original coil mounts off the cylender. I do like that air blows out the holes in the crankcase instead of sucking in.
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      You have to grind off the coil mounts from the cyl? That makes it a no going back piece then right?
    1. rager33's Avatar
      rager33 -
      I think you could go back by making new spacers to replace the original ones. about 5mm thicker.
    1. Stegy's Avatar
      Stegy -
      How many magnets does it have? As per efra/imfar rules only 2 allowed.
      And its not pum flywheel.
      Still havent sourced that out.
      All marine flywheels have 3 magnets..

      Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
    1. rager33's Avatar
      rager33 -
      it only has 2 magnets & I said it is NOT a pum flywheel. I have ben trying to figure out how it makes so much power over the stock setup. I am guessing it is do to the flywheel being a smaller diameter the magnets are moving slower then stock & closer to crank speed then stock. changes the amount of time spent under the coil.
    1. Stegy's Avatar
      Stegy -
      Anyone found out which flywheel is used?
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