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  • Another new 4wd 1:5 scale with a twin?

    Looks like it's still in the proto-typing stage.. I see some similarities with the Baja platform but looks like they are trying to do something new.

    Diff cases rear lower arms.

    Gear covers.

    Full chassis view

    Comments 11 Comments
    1. mradlin's Avatar
      mradlin -
      Very interesting.
      I like the layout, keep us posted Len.
    1. mooman007uk's Avatar
      mooman007uk -
      it's actually billed as a 1/4 scale...funny everyone i know said it looked like a twin 5b, i posted as such on rcu and got reamed for it...guess they must all have turds in the eye..if you can't see that it's based on the 5b layout then god help ya

      looks like a donked Chrysler 300 with a trunk full of groceries weighing down the arse end...
      interesting concept but if you go to all the trouble to build something bespoke like this then to have gone the extra yard and designed a more unique chassis layout wouldn't really have taken any extra time to design
      i'm waiting to see what it handles like...with the twin it'll be fast in a straight line but will it do corners?
    1. allanach's Avatar
      allanach -
      Anybody notice the two fuel tanks?
      not sure I'm keen on that because one could run out before the other and that might cause a seize in the one with no fuel/ oil.
    1. KrashKrieg's Avatar
      KrashKrieg -
      Quote Originally Posted by allanach View Post
      Anybody notice the two fuel tanks?
      not sure I'm keen on that because one could run out before the other and that might cause a seize in the one with no fuel/ oil.
      It's all in the fuel line hookup....one empties then the other...I ran dual tanks in my old MGT 8 for a year before bagging the nitro scene...this new truck looks very interesting.
    1. mooman007uk's Avatar
      mooman007uk -
      pipes could be interesting
    1. Obeast44's Avatar
      Obeast44 -
      Hmmm, looks like a mess from what I can see! Tanks outside the chassis rails....that is asking for a rupture in a T-bone collision. Twin tanks.....or lord...not even gonna comment. Spur gear mount all plastic, no bracing into the motor? I dont even know what to make of the servo saver...it doesn't look right from what I can see.

      I see Baja 5b, Nutech, Rampage and maybe a touch of MCD in that car......Lord help whoever is building this thing.
    1. mooman007uk's Avatar
      mooman007uk -
      i'm wondering how much will be alloy seeing as this is a prototype, it's a lot easier to machine parts in nylon to start off with to check for fit etc before either working in aluminum or getting the very expensive injection molds made for plastic parts, molds alone could run 100k no problem...

      my 1/4scale, all steel build will top out at 53lb, this looks like it'll be just as heavy but with only a 10th the strength
      not sure of the idea behind the twin tanks other than it's easier to locate 2 and still have the capacity for long run times...2 cylinders = twice the fuel consumption..as long as the tanks are joined by tube at the bottom of the tanks it wont be an issue

      i still want to see the exhausts, as with most designs tuned pipes are usually not planned for, just crappy old cans, so it's left up to the pipe builders to get creative and try and fit in a pipe that actually works, is protected and allows access to carb needles etc... more often than not you end up with a big dildo like growth jutting out the side,or back, gets in the way of everything and that sits there in space waiting to be destroyed.
    1. allanach's Avatar
      allanach -
      Moo, you are very creative in the way you described the pipe by referring to it as a marital aid.
    1. mooman007uk's Avatar
      mooman007uk -
      yah, chrome slug and steel cucumber have lost their allure ..lol
    1. mooman007uk's Avatar
      mooman007uk -
      nothing further on this
    1. noyb98098's Avatar
      noyb98098 -
      Not that I've seen.. It's supposed to be a 2014 model from what I did find out about it..
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