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  • MCD Ultimates Are Back!

    Back by popular demand are the MCD Ultimate's both the BAJA 1000 and MT.. Have always been interested in the Baja 1000 Ultimate but never seem to find one for a reasonable price, looks like Largescale RC is keen on fixing the "price" issue by offering them at 1659$ and 1699$. Both videos have nice pictures and information on the history of the Ultimate platform.

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    1. allanach's Avatar
      allanach -
      Awesome prices for these trucks.

      A full alloy 4wd car or monster truck for under $1,700...... cheap as chips.

      A few years ago I knew a guy that purchased the Ultimate V3 for nearly double that price and out of the box it was a great car, "In my opinion" the V4 out of the box was a big let down as it needed money spent on it right away.

      I just wish largescale RC answered their emails, I emailed them 20/12/2012 and still no reply, possibly Christmas holidays?
    1. noyb98098's Avatar
      noyb98098 -
      That's where they get you... It may cost 1700$ up front but go break or bend ANY of those alloy parts and see how much that cost ya!.. Update: Had to go look, so a set of lower arms cost you 270$ and uppers 94$..
    1. allanach's Avatar
      allanach -

      FG diff gear $ 40
      MCD diff gear $70

      FG drive axle $19
      MCD drive axle $29

      FG dog bone $11
      MCD dog bone $22

      FG clutch bell $38
      MCD clutch bell $51

      Those are the prices from Largescale rc and with FG parts you can shop around but with the MCD parts I know there are not a lot of places you can buy them.

      As mentioned in my first post I have been impressed with the ultimate V3 straight out of the box but it would appear parts are on the expensive side.

      Wonder why MCD dont make an ultimate V4?
    1. mooman007uk's Avatar
      mooman007uk -
      i still don't trust their stock diffs...know too many people with baja1000's and mt's who grenaded about 10 between them before giving up on mcd...not before lining Sinan's pockets lots more though
    1. COCACOLAKEV's Avatar
      Are MT's still available? i cant find them anywhere!?
    1. noyb98098's Avatar
      noyb98098 -
      Right here mcd monster truck in stock..
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