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  • Elcon Snab-Valve For Big Bore Shocks

    The Snab-valve can be mounted in the existing big bore shocks. The Snab-valve ensures a higher "pack" of the shocks. Handy at jumps, landings or when driving through rough terrain. Prevents bottoming out of the car and losing grip and control at this moment.

    At the same time the shock absorb-er remains smooth. The Snab-valve is mounted with distance to the shock piston. Minor bumps are absorbed easy as the Snab-valve becomes only active at higher flow speed of the shock oil through the piston. The Snab-valve will only restrict the flow when the piston moves at higher speed. 

    The Snab-valve is made from special grade plastic with high precision on the thickness within +/-0.01mm accuracy. This special type of plastic will stay straight also after longer time of use. It works as if it was a spring and will come back to its natural flat form.

    By shims the distance between the piston plate and the Snab-valve is determined. More shims enlarges the space and will effect in less "pack". Less shims puts the Snab-valve more close to the piston and will result in more "pack". Then the flow holes of the piston are restricted sooner. The shims have a thickness of 0.2mm and thus a distance from 0 up till 0.6mm can be achieved.
    The principle of the Snab-valve is illustrated in the 3D animations. Arrows show the flow direction of the shock oil on in-going movement of the piston rod and outgoing movement of the piston rod.

    Comments 6 Comments
    1. Obeast44's Avatar
      Obeast44 -
      Am I missing something here? I don`t see how these would do anything over a standard shock.
    1. Onno's Avatar
      Onno -
      Attachment 5609 Attachment 5607 Attachment 5608

      first pic assembly.
      Arrows in the 2nd and 3rd pic show the flow direction of the oil.
      When the inward speed is high enough of the piston rod, the oil must flow fast from the top of the piston - through the holes - till under the piston.
      If this flow is fast enough the valve will bend and will close the hole halfway.
      The snab valve does not close the hole fully.
      Now the oil is more restricted to flow and will give a lot more pack. (see pic 2)

      Usefull when you take off on a jump (cars are full compressed shortly before take off, hence chassis is hitting the jump/table) or when landing.
      Normally running the shock rod will not move fast enough and thus the valve stays horizontal and will not bend.

      Less shims more pack (valve closes sooner).

      I can throw my car from about 1.5m height and the chasis does not hit the floor.
      But the hocks are still very smooth. You should only notice them in situations with jumps, big holes or landings.

      In reverse direction (shock rod moving outward) the valve will not restrict the flow of the shock oil. (pic3)
    1. Obeast44's Avatar
      Obeast44 -
      So basically its like a reed valve?
    1. Onno's Avatar
      Onno -
      No a Reed valve works as a one-way valve and is normal closed. the function of a reed valve is fully different.
      This one does not close fully and has different function. Sorry but I have no clue on how to make thi more clear to you.

      In normal terrain the valve plate will remain parallel to the piston itself.
      It will start bending and thus further restricing the flow when the movement of the piston is fast enough.
      Having the shocks in you hand you will not notice any differance between in- and outgoing movement.
    1. noyb98098's Avatar
      noyb98098 -
      Onno, one of our followers on the 5th facebook page asked if you are planning to give the current owners a free set of these?
    1. Onno's Avatar
      Onno -
      Sorry no we cannot.
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