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  • MCD & Dirk Kellermann German Champion 2012

    From: Robitronic \ Dirk Kellermann

    It’s done! MCD again dominates the OR6 4wd class and secures this years German championship title!

    --- Congratulations! ---

    The following report about the Championship race weekend directly comes from Dirk “THE MASTER/CHAMPION” Kellermann [je nachdem, wie “Meister” gemeint ist!]
    From 13th to 16th of September, Team MCD had a visit at the MCC Laupheim model car club to attend the final run of this years German Championship OR6 4WD. And of course, to crown the winner!
    Marc and myself, we arrived early on Thursday noon. The early arrival had the benefit of choice concerning or pit tables. After the tents were put in place and the sun appeard through the clouds, we had a closer look at our MCD RRv4 cars.

    Friday morning saw the arrival of the whole MCD team. Everybody was busy at preparing his car for the race. A race on quite a challenging track, I might add: MCC Laupheim altered the track layout for the OR6 championships.

    Finally, the first training session started, and after getting comfortable with and quicker around the track, I have to repeal my first impressions: The track is not that hard to race on as it seemed on first sight. My MCD handled great despite the very hard and slightly dusty, hence quite slippery track surface.
    Our aim for Friday was to familiarize ourselves with the track and its challenges. And of course we had to test out the MCD’s airtime handling.

    In the evening, we all arrived at the conclusion to run on the track counter-clockwise Saturday meant real business: After a last, brief training session, the qualification runs 1-3 went on. The MCD cars’ robust handling was really showing. Marc and I could secure pole and second position. Confident with our results, we celebrated the evening with a drink.
    On Sunday morning, the fourth and last qualification run was held, but it did not bring any change to the first row on the starting grid.

    After lunch break, the semi-finals were about to start. Ranking 2nd on the table, I had to set the bar in the 1/2B heat. I accomplished this feat quite easily, thanks to the spot on setup and the Micro Pin tyres. By the way, there were several drivers of Team MCD present in this heat, so Özgür Derin, Sven Redewald and I could move on straight into the finals.

    Final heat 1/2A saw Marc Kreisig as the top contender with a good performance throughout the run. But in the end, he could only secure a 3rd position for the final heat. Some setup adjustments were called for, to push the car further to the limits.

    With an even better setup, Marc battled himself from 3rd position on the starting grid to the leader position during the 30mins heat. I just could not take him on, having to accept the 2nd place. But do not feel pity for me – the second place was enough to win the OR6 4WD German Championship.

    Summing up such an experience like the German Championships season finale is not an easy task, but let’s try: It has been a beautiful and engaging race, and an exciting event as a whole. We at Team MCD could again demonstrate the superiority of MCD’s cars, taking both the German Championship title and finishing 1st and 2nd in this years final round.

    Comments 7 Comments
    1. noyb98098's Avatar
      noyb98098 -
      I believe that is 5th's newest member "Mater" with his FG leo coming in 3rd place..
    1. Mater's Avatar
      Mater -
      Not finaly

      Finished this years championship at 4th.
      But final race i was 3rd, thats the last photo
    1. noyb98098's Avatar
      noyb98098 -
      Are there any vid's from this years event? Track looks really good!
    1. Mater's Avatar
      Mater -
      Here is a short vid from a training

      Warm up for semi-final B

      i know there is a video coming from the finals - still in work
    1. noyb98098's Avatar
      noyb98098 -
      Thanks Mater! Looks like the FG was handling pretty good..
    1. allanach's Avatar
      allanach -
      Good photo and Vids, well done Mater
    1. Mater's Avatar
      Mater -
      The vids made somoone else. In the 2nd vid you can see my "old" Leo - with the orange/white body

      Nice track, a bit tricky, but it made a lot of fun
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