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  • Another 1\5 Buggy from France?

    It appears that Model Concept France was working on a few different types of 2WD and 4WD buggy's (aside from the CrossOver currently being sold) that are still in the development stage (From 2010). Here's what we found..

    The car is almost totally composed of carbon, titanium, and aluminum.

    The front hubs allow for the use of either Elcon airbrakes or Megatech Hydraulic

    Information is still coming out about the 4WD version dubbed the "Cross Over Quattro"

    Check back next month as we try to get more details on this potentially new 2WD\4WD platform from Model Concept France.
    Comments 5 Comments
    1. stephane's Avatar
      stephane -
      I will see if I can for additional info in french on this and will translate.
    1. noyb98098's Avatar
      noyb98098 -
      That would be great stephane.. Thanks!
    1. stephane's Avatar
      stephane -
      I went to their site which can be translated into English (google chrome) so I guess I am not adding much value at this point. It feels like they are into machining parts in low volume. I assume if someone is interested in their model which is a 4x2 you should most likely live nearby for parts. They are planning on an electric version of the buggy. There is a video of a on road electric 1/5th scale that was quite interesting to watch (0 to 60 under 3 seconds). Here is the link of the video:
      They do mention a 4x4 version but no dates or real details. The price for their current model, the crossover is at around $2300 as a rolling chassis.
      I am not sure how much they update their site but it looks like it was kind of old info (the post about the crossover anyways).
      Looks like there are no plastic parts involved but rather titanium, aluminium etc... The gas version can be converted to electric with their kit that allows 3 types of motors (Lehner, Castle and Neu).
      The kit: http://www.modelconcept.fr/wp-conten...65-300x190.jpg

      They also have this funky prototype of a 6 wheel gas truck (also 1/5th scale)http://www.modelconcept.fr/wp-conten...27-300x208.jpg
    1. noyb98098's Avatar
      noyb98098 -
      Thanks for the info stephane! I've heard about the electric stuff before but never knew they had a 6 wheel gas truck..lol
    1. allanach's Avatar
      allanach -
      6 wheeler looks interesting but I'm not a fan of battery powered large scale cars.

      Each to their own I guess.
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