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    Kris wins the Dutch nationals the first weekend of September at Raco2000. Taking the semi finals, starting pole position he took a well deserved win. But it wasn't easy. It was a fierce fight in the final for victory. At the start Kris and Alexander were fighting each other and swapped places many times ath the very start of the race. The pace of both guys was the same. At the first 10 minutes it was Alexander being in the lead most of the time, due to small errors and some traffic of backmarkers he coped with better than Kris. But when he flipped over once and made his mistake. Kris was at his tail immediately again and made a nice and clear pass by on the end of the long sweeper. Now it was Alexander trailing the tail of Kris a long time. After about 15~20 minutes Alexander lost connection due to another mistake at the chicane, this was the gap Kristiaan needed. Kris now was able to continue his own race pace and drive with great accuracy as the preesure was released. Alexander did try to fight back his 6 seconds gap, it was a matter of time another mistake would follow from his side. The mistake came and the gap grew bit by bit, being almost a full lap at the end of the race. Well done Kris, congratulations on your victory!

    In 3rd it was a somewhat lonesome race for Alex Mulder. He had quite a gap on number 4 but was not on the same pace as the two gents in front of him. He brought the car very controlled to the chequered flag, making it the 2nd MMX on the podium, great effort by Alex Mulder. It was a remarkable day as an amazing total of 7 Cleon MMX cars make the A-final. A special day also for Michael van Dijk putting his signature down on the scoreboards for the TQ position. In the finals he unfortunately could not keep his first spot after qualifying. But his race pace in his first year racing the Dutch Nationals is truely fast. It is not the first time his name is on our pages and shows it was not a lucky win he took last time at the Piston Cup also held at the Raco2000 track! Place 4+5+6 were all private Cleon MMX drivers. Ralf Giangotti was number 4. In 5th Mike van Dijk and in 6th Oscar Koot. It was close racing for these guys as they all finished in short distance from each other. At times racing was to close, which the picture shows perfectly.
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    1. Hor Mann's Avatar
      Hor Mann -
      No Hormanns must of shown up..
    1. allanach's Avatar
      allanach -
      Probably on Holidays Kev!
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