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  • Airtronics M12 FHSS-4 2.4GHz Radio System w/92014 4-Channel Receiver

    This is the Airtronics M12 FHSS-4 2.4GHz Radio System with an included Airtronics 92014 4-Channel Receiver. The M12 is equipped with a 4x higher spec CPU compared to the previous world champion model, the industry-leading M11X. Redesigned from the ground-up, the M12 is the realization of lofty goals to more than double it's analysis ablility and speed. Latency minimized as well as operational and innovative features guarantee the M12 as the new flagship of new generation, not just for Airtronics or Sanwa, but for the entire R/C industry. As the saying goes time is money and the M12 responds in almost "Zero-Latency." What is Zero Latency? It's a measured total latency speed of under 1ms. That's right, the latencey of the M12 radio is under one millisecond! What's more, the "feeling" of that type of Zero-Latency is 100% adjustible, allowing drivers to change their driving condition and feel instantly. No other radio has this type of connectivity advantage.
    Highlighted M12 Features:

    • Racing Mode Setting
    • Able to record D/R, Trim, Curve record allowing drivers to easily change their setting reflecting their unique driving style by a single touch
    • Weight Reduction: 100g less than M11x
    • More for Less: The folks at Airtronics Japan Engineering succeeded in weight reduction by changing internal structure
    • Top Telemetry and PC Link Functions
    • Drivers are able to use and evaluate telemetry data including that from throttle and steering operation
    • Access to the PC is capable with exclusive cable. Download your Telemetry settings and upload stored models or software updates

    Other Bold Features:

    • CAR Type Select: 10 Categories - The M12 uses an entirely new approach to car setup
    • Racing Mode: Able to change driving conditions and settings with a single touch
    • Telemetry Logger: Able to record and send telemetry data to your PC
    • Monitoring: Share data with your friend's M12 transmitter
    • PC Link: Able to read and write your data to the PC
    • Dual Steering: Able to set your steering angle individually
    • Best Fit Setting: Able to set the "feeling" of the radio to match driving style and track conditions
    • Curve Setting: Able to fine adjust 9/18 point curve
    • LCD Display: 128256 full dot LCD display
    • Custom Menu: User friendly Menu structure
    • Evolution From M11X
    • DMS Setting: Directly read your registered model at the launch
    • TH 5:5 mode: TH neutral pulse 1.5m sec
    • Point AUX: integrated Maximum 6 points AUX
    • MOA MIX : Respond to 2 motor throttle
    • 4WS MIX: Respond to Front and Rear steering individually
    • SPEED Setting: ST/TH point, direction setting available
    • MODEL Sorts Setting: Model Order can be sorted as you like
    • Offset Setting: Starting Position, Break Stroke Cancel Function
    • Ch Set Menu Setting: Setting menu for every CH
    • Compatible with several battery chemistries

    Other Features:

    • BIND
    • SERVO
    • BUZZER
    • LCD
    • AUX TYPE
    • TH TYPE
    • LOG REC
    • LOG RPM
    • LOG VOLT
    • LOG TEMP1
    • LOG TEMP2
    • ST POINT
    • TH POINT
    • RX MODE
    • PC LINK
    • SYSTEM
    • EPA
    • D/R
    • TRIM
    • SPEED
    • ALB
    • BR-MIX
    • TH-HOLD
    • C-MIX
    • CODE AUX"

    Included Accessories:

    • Grip Pads (Large/Small)
    • Two Steering Wheel Sizes
    • Steering Drop-Down Bracket
    • Steering Slant Bracket Included (Angles the Wheel Right or Left)

    Needed to Complete:

    • Batteries

    NOTE: About M12 Response Mode
    Please be aware that analog servos will not be compatible with the fastest radio settings: SHR, SSR mode. To prevent risk of trouble, do not use analog servo under SHR, SSR mode. Digital servos, SRG, Digital ERG, SDX can be activated under either NOR or SHR mode. SSR mode is only compatible with SRG/SSR series receivers and servos. The Airtronics M12 can be operated with all Airtronics 2.4GHz FHSS-2, FHSS-3 and FHSS-4 car receivers: RX-371, RX-442FS, RX-451, RX-451R, RX-461, RX-462, RX-471

    Retail: 499.99$
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Airtronics M12 FHSS-4 2.4GHz Radio System w/92014 4-Channel Receiver started by noyb98098 View original post
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      noyb98098 -
      Pre-Order Now!
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      and you will be notified when
      it arrives in stock.
      ETA: 09/04/2012

      Airtronics M12 FHSS-4 2.4GHz Radio System w/92014 4-Channel Receiver [AIR90482] | Radios & Accessories - A Main Hobbies
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