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my history,lol

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rampage mt that I race and the prototypes
  1. 7075rc XT
  2. PowerJam Plaques over the past three years
  3. Power Jam
  4. made it in TGN news front page with the XB
  5. trophy time
  6. powerjam
  7. all my cars
  8. prototype XB and XT
  9. Demon RC prototype beltdrive on XB
  10. Ramtech led's with my custom mounts
  11. after PowerJam 2010
  12. after PowerJam 2010
  13. pic with body of XB
  14. XB with body on at LargescaleRc Fun Run
  15. Second rear jetpro pipe mod for XB
  16. Second rear jetpro pipe mod for XB
  17. almost finished first mod of rear jetpro pipe for XT
  18. before any mod of rear jetpro pipe
  19. LargeScaleRC crew and I at Diggers Dungeon 2009
  20. made aluminum wing
  21. modified rear diff cups so i can run rear baja shock shafts for more travel
  22. LargeScaleRC Fun Run 2009
  23. LargeScaleRC Fun Run 2009
  24. just bought it from largescalerc went and picked it up
  25. @Diggers Dungeon 2009
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