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Thread: 1/5 scale RS5 Pushrod car for sale!!!

  1. #1 Default 1/5 scale RS5 Pushrod car for sale!!! 
    ok, I have decided to depart from my beloved RS5 pushrod car. For the local 5th scale drivers at 301, there is no need to tell you this car is a bullet. The car comes with everything except servos, I am even throwing in the Audi body.
    I know you must be asking yourself, if this is such a wonderful car, why am I selling it, well I have another one! :nod:
    The other one was a spare parts car (rolling chassis) and at this time I need money and I rather sell this car since is ready to run. I will post some pics of the second car to prove my point.
    I honestly would rather sell the car to one of our local drivers, since I know the car, I can help with setups, tuning and parts.
    There are a few local driver that have shown interest but they want to sell their car first, which means that I have to wait, and like I said I need the money soon.
    If it doesnt get sold here, I will place it on ebay, which means that it will probably be gone fast, specially since the Euro is so strong that anybody from Europe will be getting this car for half the price.
    So, here is an old picture of the car, so that you can have an idea of what it looks like. I will post some more pics tonight.
    I am asking for $1200 for everything except servos (I am keeping the servos for the second car). if you have any questions, send pm.
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